KARYA Ltd. is a Polish company that was founded in 1991 in Lublin. For nearly 30 years, we have been providing specialized railway services as well as the supply of equipment and materials for this industry. We operate on both the domestic and foreign market.


We have specialized in the following areas:

  • Reprofiling of rails built into track and turnouts
  • Measurement of rails built into track and turnouts
  • Rails and turnouts welding
  • Thermite welding
  • Production of single or two-rail track grinders
  • Welding services tailored to individual needs


Reprofiling of rails in track and turnouts

For many years, we have been providing the service of reprofiling of rails in track and turnouts in PKP PLK lines, trams and foreign managers of railway and tram infrastructure in two technologies: milling and rotary grinding.

Thanks to reprofiling, is is possible to significantly extend the life of the rails by reducing or eliminating defects altogether, restoring the correct profile and improve travel comfort by reducing noise levels.

Our examples of work accomplishments:

Rail measurements in tracks and turnouts

We carry out all the needed measurements together with documentation required by the national Technical Conditions for Reprofiling rails in tracks and turnouts (ID-104 cz. I i II) and European standards (PN-EN 13231-3).

Measurements include:

  • longitudinal profile
  • transverse profile
  • roughness measurements
  • Eddy-current rail surface inspections


We have modern measuring equipment, that allow us perform work without track closures.

Rail and turnouts welding

We have acquired nearly 30 years of experience in the regeneration of rail steel components by rail welding and grinding while maintaining the highest quality and obtaining the best effect. Our knowledge allows us to perform welding work on all elements of railway turnouts (bow rails, wing rails, spiers, resistors) as well as rails built in stations and tracks (removal of the effects of train wheels spinning, etc.).

We have all the required approvals for these works issued by PKP PLK S.A. and we have been carrying out such work all over the country for many years.

Our examples of work accomplishments:

Thermite rails

We perform thermite rails welds for the need of investment works (building turnouts, replacement of rails) as well as maintenance and repair works (liquidation of cracks, expansion of tracks).
The technology we use is approved by PKP PLK S.A. and we have all the necessary approvals for its use.

Our examples of work accomplishments:

Single and two-rail track grinders

We manufactured our own construction grinders used for grinding rail elements. They have been used by ourselves for many years and current models are the result of our welders experience.

Since the beginning of production, we have delivered hundred single and two-rail grinders to service companies, managers of railway and tram infrastructure both in the country and abroad. Our products adapter to work on various track widths and rail profiles.

Welding services tailored to individual needs

We provide welding services on a special order for customers using custom solutions in the
industry. We regenerated, among others steel elements of machines, devices and tools used in heavy industry and mining.

Due to the individual nature of this service, please contact us directly a tour e-mail address: office@karya.pl in order to prepare the right solution for your requirements and expectations.


For current job offers click “Job offers” button. We also encourage you to send your candidacy containing your CV and cover letter to our e-mail address office@karya.pl with the subject „CV candidate”.


Karya Sp. z o.o.

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